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Welcome to HKL4U personalized design request!

Design Request is where we bring your ideas to life.

To begin the process of designing, here are some quick questions we need to make your designs a reality:


Let’s Start


  1. What is your  timeline for your design?
  1.  Are you looking for a Black and White design or color?  
  2. Do you have a design in mind or a concept example?
  3. What dimensions for the size do you want for your design?
  4. Are there any color theme or graphic effects desired for your design?
  5. What product template below do you plan to put your design on?
  6. Please include additional information meaningful to your design:
  1. Please identify a good date and time to speak with our HKL4U designers.:

Here are the Variety of Personalized Templates

  • T-Shirt Templates               
  • YouTube Graphics 
  • Album Cover
  • Flyers and Announcements
  • Icons
  • Logotypes
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Banners

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