Hey HKL4U Peeps!

Please know that your stories can never be erased.

So many people are hesitant to tell their story. But the unique thing about your story is that it is YOUR story, fully, and no one else’s. No one can say “That’s not how it went” because it's not their story. You define yourself exactly how you choose. Don't let anybody attempt to change or erase your story. Every story deserves to be told - from the executive’s to the pooper scooper’s. Occupations do not define who you are. People are unique; all of them in different situations and mindsets.

Do you ever wonder what people are listening to in their headphones? I sometimes people watch and wonder to myself what music, podcast, or audio book could be playing in their ears right now. That is what is so special about all of us in this world - we are all experiencing something different in our life journey, yet still united on this planet. Just like how the east coast differs from the west, yet is still a part of one country, we are all different but the same.

Thanks for reading, we hope that you will answer our request and send in your story via video. Your stories and perspective matter, don't let anybody stop you from telling them!

If you are interested in sharing, email us at or directly message us on all social media at @HKL4Us 


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