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My name is Faith. I am the owner and CEO of HKL4U. Within this brand and movement, we will soon provide a platform for everyone to tell the stories of their life. I would like to share with you exactly to how I came up with the idea for this HKL4U movement. 

While sitting in a restaurant, I was listening to someone emotionally tell me how they survived being evicted from their home. While they were telling me, I heard another person say "Their story ain't that important". Right then, I could feel the goosebumps creep up my neck. In my head, my fist was firmly on the second person’s face for such a rude dismissal. But, in reality, I stayed calm and continued to hear the first person speak. Suddenly, once I turned back into the words they were saying, I hear "It's a HARD KNOCK LIFE FOR US out here".  My mind stopped immediately.

I shared a small concept with my family and friends, but all I received was doubtful, risk-averse naysaying. That affected my confidence and deterred me for a bit. I put the idea on a halt to resume with life. It was not until May 2018, when I heard another internal voice say, “Hard Knock Life 4 Us.” From then on, I decided to find a way to grow the concept of HKL4U.

One day my mother’s co-worker said she would help me start my business. I was overjoyed; filled to the brim with happiness and excitement. I wanted a way to wear it and express all of what it meant to me at the same time – and that’s what I want for you too.

In this brand, I hope to provide you, the young entrepreneur, motivation to push forward. Know that takes time and yes, there are challenges – but be patient and continue to do what you love. Don't let your family or friends hold you back. Many will say “belief in yourself”  and that is truly you what you need to do. It is a hard knock life 4 us, but that won't stop me. Or you.

Keep your head up.



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